Chinese Knots

chinese knot

chinese knot. Well, this is more of a wall hanging than a piece of jewelry. It is a single strand of rope! It's about 8-10" on a side. The bottom right is the "top", when hanging it would be in a diamond shape with two ropes sticking out the bottom.

 necklace 1

Chinese knot necklace with ceramic beads. Purple flowers on white background alternating with white/lavender knots.

necklace 2

Another necklace. Shiny black ceramic beads alternating with black/grey knots.

necklace 3

Hm, alternative pic of black/grey necklace.

necklace 4
Another necklace. The webcam really distorts the colors, it was tangerine coloreed.

necklace 5
Another necklace. Dark purple beads with red flowers, dark purple/blue knots.

necklace 6
Another necklace. Black with grey flowers, black/grey knots.